Galvanized steel lawn edge with 90 ° angles in 100 mm Height

Galvanized steel lawn edge with 90 ° angles in 100 mm Height
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Galvanized steel lawn edge with 90 ° angles in 100 mm Height
Galvanized steel lawn edge with 90 ° angles in 100 mm Height

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Fact is, that gardening is now the most practical hobby, which has been fuelled by the increasing number of gardening make-over shows on TV. In addition to this there has been an increasing trend to spend more time in the garden and to use it as a place for relaxing. Falling house prices has led to people renovating and investing in their properties and often a nice garden sells a house, a garden often gives the first impression of the rest of the house and everyone knows that nothing depicts a well tended garden than crisp clean edges.

Commercial landscaping has been fuelled by government regeneration projects, by the different public for pleasant parks, gardens and recreational areas for relaxation and enjoyment of the natural open air.

Councils are increasingly tightening budgets for their parks and gardens so grounds care professionals are constantly on the lookout for products and methods which help to keep costs low. The inclusion and installation of permanent landscape edgings can significantly reduce maintenance costs, whilst improving the look of the park.

Above ground edging is usually decorative metal like corten steel. Below the ground, or flush edging, is also made of metal for example galvanized steel and is often used to maintain a edge along a drive or pathway.

Edging can:

Show off your flowers and shrubs

Give you a permanent professional finish

Add to the design of the garden

Compliment and contrast surrounding buildings and the remainder of your landscape

Help contain the mulch that you put around your flowers

Help protect the base of young trees and garden ornaments, etc. from strimmers/mowers

Save trimming and weeding time

Give you a cleaner mowing and trimming line

Provide a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering flowerbeds

Add value to your landscape without necessarily spending a lot of money and hours.

The following sizes are available:



ModellModel Rail - Dimensions in mm / LxHEdge 90 ° to the rail in mmThickness in mm
 1 2500 x 100 30 2,0
 2 2500 x 100 30 3,0
 3 2500 x 100 30 4,0
 Corner connector 90 ° - Dimensions in mm / LxWxH 
 4 300 x 300 x 100 30 2,0
 5 300 x 300 x 100 30 3,0
 6 300 x 300 x 100 30 4,0


Shipping time: 6-9 Days
Product no.: 75-202-002

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