Dracaena bicolor - dragon tree branches, indoor plant

Dracaena bicolor - dragon tree branches, indoor plant
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Dracaena bicolor - dragon tree branches, indoor plant

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The Dracaena - dragon trees belong to the family of Agavaceae. As a very diverse group of plants that are successfully draca cultivated as house plants because these plants are quite undemanding and robust.

The long arching leaves are usually dark green, although there are varieties with red edge Dracaena or bright stripes. In light or lack of water always fall lower leaves first. Damaged or broken shoots sprout again and form two new shoots. Hence the name Dracaena, as the forecast growth for a dragon also several heads when you tee off only one.

The Dracaena is widely popular as a houseplant and wide, especially the variety with dark green leaves and red edge (Dracaena marginata). Dragon trees are very robust and often suitable for dark locations. To the needs of the dragon tree is not very much water and can survive dry periods and mostly undamaged. Here is a yellowing and leaf drop followed by the lower leaves but then we must be prepared.

The draca bicolor has a Lancett shaped two-tone foliage. The leaves are light green and dark green.

In winter, this houseplant is little cast. A bright and sunny location is ideal, but the dragon tree also tolerates partial shade and some varieties even full shade and therefore this plant can be grown in relatively dark places.

Slightly more than 600 lux shall be provided on the premises. The shoot tips are based on the light and grow in the direction of the light.

If the dragon tree has grown too high, it can easily be cut to any height, preferably in the spring. The following sizes are available:

Container: D22/H19
Height: 120 cm

Container: D28/H19
Height: 195 cm

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