Magnolia stellata - Star magnolia

Magnolia stellata - Star magnolia
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Magnolia stellata - Star magnolia
Magnolia stellata - Star magnolia

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Star Magnolia, Magnolia stellata, is a very slow growing shrub or small tree native to Japan with large showy white or pink flowers in early spring before the appearance of the leaves.

It is closely related to Kobushi magnolia (M. kobus), and is treated by many botanists as a variety or even a cultivar of that; it is however accepted as a distinct species in the monograph cited below.

This species has become naturalized in parts of North America. This tree grows 4.6 to 6 m (15 to 20 ft) in height. The oblong leaves are 10 cm (4 in) long and 4 cm (1.5 in) wide. The tree blooms at a young age, with the slightly fragrant 7–10 cm (3–4 in) white flowers covering the bare plant in early spring.

It is a common ornamental in Europe and much of North America. Spring frosts can damage the flowers. The leaves open bronze-green, turning to deep green as they mature, and yellow before dropping in autumn. The shrub prefers deep acidic soil.

Height: from 80 cm

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