Citrus Fortunella japonica

Citrus Fortunella japonica
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Citrus Fortunella japonica

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The name 'Kumquat' originates from the Indian language and means 'Dwarf-orange or small golden orange'.

Original habitat:

In the year 1178 it is mentioned for the first time by Han Yen-Chih as growing wild in Zhejiang

province and Fuchien province.

Today several species exist. But all have in common that they grow hardly 2 m high and have only small fruits and small leaves. They smell lovely like Citrus, but botanically, since 1915 their genus is not 'Citrus' anymore, because an own genus 'Fortunella' was created.

They are easy to care for and love bright but not too sunny locations.

temperature: 5 -10 ° C is the optimum temperature during winter rest, but they can even stand light frost.

The fruits are edible along with the skin.

Grown as a magnificent tree.

half shade - sunny

from -2°C to 28°C

dry to moist

Cultivation areas:
- as container plant for outdoor areas
- large lobbies
- restaurants and hotel facilities with high, glassed rooms
- large offices

Height: 160 cm
Trunk circumference: 10 cm - 15 cm

Photo: Model plant

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