Trachycarpus fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm

Trachycarpus fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm
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Trachycarpus fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm

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Trachycarpus fortunei is likely the hardiest palm, if not it runs a close second to the Chamaerops humilis.   It certainly has not shown any sign of weakness here.  The Chinese Windmill Palm is slow growing, especially when compared to the California Fan Palm that can be seen in the background.  The Trachycarpus fortunei trunks are hairy and slender.  The fronds are very close to being thorn free.  This is a big plus if you work around many palms.  Most palms make you pay in blood at one time or another.  Trachycarpus fortunei is solitary.  I have not seen a Windmill Palm put out pups.  This makes maintenance much easier.  Trachycarpus fortunei will grow a foot or less per year.  At the beginning the seems like a detraction, but after a few years of trying to dispose load after load of fronds this can be a big plus in a hurry.

Light: half-shady - full-sunny  
Temperature-areas: from -18°C to 28°C  
Humidity: drily until moist  
Culture-areas: - Outside-installations - lobbies, reception-areas - restaurants and hotel-installations for the outside-area as pail-plant - offices, open-plan offices,   
Height: 200 cm bis 210 cm
Trunk: 70 cm to 80 cm  


Prices for the highest trunk-height

total height: + approximately 100 cm

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