Plastic Planter S.L.A. 'KUBUS'

Plastic Planter S.L.A. KUBUS
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Plastic Planter S.L.A. KUBUS

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By enhancing your home with design planters, you become part of a long tradition. After all, the pioneers of the cultural custom of potting plants were the Egyptians, Sumerians and the Greeks: antique stone effigies of bushes and shrubs in vases and pots join legendary tales of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Gardens of Adonis to document this.

Of course, Japan also plays a key role here, where the art of bonsai transforms even the largest outdoor plants into miniature indoor versions.

In the Middle Ages, conquests and voyages of discovery brought back exotic plants, which were planted and cared for in pots, making it easy to move them to warmer places in winter. Today, numerous grandiose orangeries are an impressive and stylish testimony to this early fascination with potted plants.

A significant difference between flower pots and gardening in beds is that every pot adds a distinctive structural touch to its surroundings, interacting with landscape around it. Apart from the basic question of whether you wish to fill your pots with annual, biennial or hardy plants, the wide variety of products on offer in garden centres means the sky’s the limit in terms of arrangement options: think about colour, form, area, height, volume, flower and leaf thickness! Combine several pots with individual plants! Alternatively, use a large pot for imaginative arrangements of tallgrowing and low-spreading varieties! Go with your own individual preferences – after all, what you like best is what counts!

Where length, width and depth are in absolute harmony: its symmetrical perfection makes the cube planters a visual exclamation mark for roof terraces, balconies and all types of boundaries.

ModellSize outsideColor
Numberin mm
1180 x 180 x 180
2280 x 280 x 280
3350 x 350 x 350
4420 x 420 x 420

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