Plastic Planter S.L.A. 'SQUARE'

Plastic Planter S.L.A. SQUARE
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Plastic Planter S.L.A. SQUARE

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By enhancing your home with design planters, you become part of a long tradition. After all, the pioneers of the cultural custom of potting plants were the Egyptians, Sumerians and the Greeks: antique stone effigies of bushes and shrubs in vases and pots join legendary tales of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the Gardens of Adonis to document this.

It has been scientifically proven that room plants help to improve ambient air. Through the metabolic pathway of photosynthesis, plants ventilate and transpire just like all living beings. Although no answer has yet been given as to how this happens, these factors unite with micro-organisms in the plant soil to filter harmful environmental toxins out of the air that we breathe, in particular the notorious formaldehyde, alongside other solvents found in paints and adhesives, the irritant ammonia and, of course, the natural perspiration of humans. By the way: you can use pots for your room plants without any modification whatsoever – they do not require any water drainage holes.

The smooth silhouette of quadratic pots makes them ideal decorative objects for sideboards and counters, perfect for presenting Easter or Christmas adornments, or for use as a compact herb garden on the kitchen work surface.

ModellSize outsideColor
Numberin mm
1180 x 180 x 70
2280 x 280 x 90
3350 x 350 x 110
4420 x 420 x 130

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