Black Locust Wood vessel BASIC Robinia

Black Locust Wood vessel  BASIC Robinia
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Black Locust Wood vessel  BASIC Robinia
Black Locust Wood vessel  BASIC Robinia

Products description

This planter made of high-quality Robinia wood gives your design an exterior appeal.

The wooden planter is made of 20 mm high-quality planks.

The distribution that the Robinia has found is due to the economically attractive use of wood. The wood, which is resistant to wood rot, is both flexible and robust and is used in shipbuilding and furniture making, as pit wood and in bow making. It is considered more resistant and durable than oak wood.

Robinia wood remains stable for a long time even without chemical preservation treatment when used outdoors and is, therefore, an optimal wood for planters. Since the Robinia wood is an alternative to tropical woods due to its properties, its use is currently further promoted.

This is a plant pot made of indestructible material with a warm radiance.

If you have individual wishes regarding the size, we can also make you an offer for special production.

Just ask us by e-mail at info@botanicgroup. You will then receive an offer for your individual planter.

With these unique planters, exclusively available at BotanicGroup, we would like to address garden designers, architects, urban planners and design-conscious clients who love the exclusive ambience.

We have developed this planter for professional object design - a planter that will give you pleasure for several years.


The following sizes are available:


ModelSize OutsideSize InsideWoodWeight
Numberin mmin mmin mmin kg
11200 x 500 x 6001010 x 310 x 4202060
21500 x 500 x 6001310 x 310 x 4202067
32000 x 500 x 6001810 x 310 x 4202079
4600 x 600 x 600410 x 410 x 4202036
5800 x 800 x 800610 x 610 x 5902063
61000 x 1000 x 800810 x 810 x 5902083
71200 x 1200 x 8001010 x 1010 x 59020104
81400 x 1400 x 8001210 x 1210 x 59020127
9800 x 800 x 950560 x 560 x 7402073
101000 x 1000 x 950760 x 760 x 7402095
111200 x 1200 x 950960 x 960 x 74020118
121400 x 1400 x 9501160 x 1160 x 74020143

Shipping time: 9-20 days
Product no.: 135-HB13-RB01

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