Planters and plant containers for the validity of exclusive plant is an essential component, which has, due to the high quality and effective design for decades validity.

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Planters according to your needs-

BotanicGroup is here not only keen to optimal design of fine products, but even on the value of preservation into the future.

The long tradition of plants in pots (pot plants) since ancient Egypt, is even today the popular way to show exotic plants as an solitaire or as a group in demanding plant pots or planters as a cultural sign of our habitats. Due the high quality of the planters, with precious plants and potted plants, provide a typically appearence with timeless validity.

To implement a corporate culture of a valid professional interior design and garden design BotanicGroup produces very special planters made from various materials - particularly metal containers, stainless steel pots and aluminum container in almost all sizes. The prettiest way for a professional interior landscaping (interior design) and exterior landscaping (gardening) is possible with the variety and the aesthetics of unique combinations of plant pots within greening concepts.

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