Beaucarnea recurvata in a planter

Beaucarnea recurvata in a planter
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Beaucarnea recurvata in a planter
Beaucarnea recurvata in a planter
Beaucarnea recurvata in a planter
Beaucarnea recurvata in a planter

Products description

The Beaucarnea Recurvata - elephant foot is a succulent plant belonging to the Agavaceae (agavaceae), which has probably gained a large number of lovers in the inner greening due to its problem-free culture.

As an exclusive office-plant, the elephant's foot has a thick, tapering gray-brown "trunk", with long, dark green, downward bent hard leaves emerging at the upper end. In his American homeland (Texas / Mexico) he reaches a height of several meters and has to endure both sunshine and heat and longer periods of dryness.

Beaucarnea is very well adapted to these conditions: the massive strain stores enough water to survive long dry periods while the evaporation is minimal. The also used, colloquial names such as bottle tree is due to the fact that the "stem" with the thickened base and the thin upper part in particular resembles a bottle and the designation water palm aims to save the plant relatively much water and thanks to the Radially arranged leaves of a palm similar. A relationship with palm trees in the true sense, however, does not exist in any way.

The location should be sunny and after copious pouring, the root should be dry again. However, the plant should be dry rather than too moist. The plant should be fertilized once a week during the growth phase.

Planted in a professional design planter for indoor greening.

Overall height: 140 cm - 145 cm

Vessels / Measures:

Model 1: 35 cm x 35 cm x 70 cm

Model 2: Ø37 cm x 70 cm

To dye:

Ruby red, black, white-aluminum and anthracite All RAL colors on request

We deliver this professionally planted combination completely finished. You just need to set up and enjoy the plant vial combination.

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